Let the music pull you through

We are all about the music and the running, walking, cycling or however you get out there to exercise. We wondered what music played in the headphones of others as we passed them on the trail.

Here is our project aimed at discovering the music of the trails and walks of the world and sharing the sounds with likeminded people.

It's a musical journey

We aim to build a source of information about the best places in cities around the world to get out there and exercise. 

We will post reviews on parks, trails, gyms and all the fun stuff about getting fit with the help of music to make it more interesting.


The "Submit 5" Campaign

Submit the five songs that inspire or encourage you to keep going. We will compile these into playlists that you can follow.

This is a great way to hear what others are listening to as they workout as well as an easy way to discover new music.



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